New Construction Cleanup

Now that you have spent the time and money to build or remodel your office or home, make sure its final presentation is flawless and professional. All Around Maintenance post construction services are available for a variety of specialty construction projects including:

  • -Corporate Modifications
  • -Remodels
  • -Restorations
  • -New Additions
  • -Complete New Constructions
  • -Tenant Finishes

Our post construction cleaning services can be customized but generally include the following services:

  • -Wipe Down Surfaces
  • -Vacuum Carpets
  • -Wipe Down Walls
  • -Scrub Floors and Tile
  • -Polish Stainless Steel
  • -Floor Cleaning
  • -Wipe Down Appliances
  • -Dust Ceilings, Pipes, Vents and Light Fixtures
  • -Window Cleaning
  • -Sanitize Kitchens and Restrooms
  • -Strip and Wax Floors


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